I've got 3 more working days to go and then, I’ll be officially done with work. At this moment, the feeling I’m getting is more on a ‘super stressed out – why the heck am I still doing this thing’ level rather than the ‘kick back, relax and watch people suffer’ mode that most people usually said would happen during the final week of work. Grr…

Or maybe that’s just because there’s no more internet in the office…haha. Speaking of offices without internet, is it really crucial that all companies must / need to have internet connection to like survive or something? Somebody was ultimately surprise when I told her that my company does not really use the internet. Well, actually we don't need internet at all but i just requested it so i can 'work' like most of you guys. Haha. We’re like stuck in the 80’s still using old ledger books and stuffs. But really, i'm sure there's someone here that's working in a company that does not have internet right? Or better still there’s some that’s even working in one that does not have computer right?

Oh by the way, I've got a new 'bro'. And i'm already super annoyed + pissed with him for testing my patience. Seriously man, I know how it's like when people say "God is putting you to the test. You must be patient and all of He will reward you.." and how excruciating the whole waiting phase can turn out to be when you really want something but really hor, i think this new 'bro' of mine probably think he's God lor.

Can’t believe he calls me ‘bro’…

Dang it.

In Him


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