Where next, big daddy G?

Narrowing it down to 2 potential places for now. It's either;

"Dis guy si beh powderful sia. Hoh seh liao lah! Damn steady wan la..."

or going back to;

"Apeee ni? You tak cinta I sudah ke?"

although it's always cool if God decides to open the door for me to;

"G'day mate!"

with some of my friends there or better still, live my dream of being able to hear the people say;

"Tuition classes"

naturally and have breakfast / lunch and dinner of Subways for the first week if i do eventually set a foot there. Hehe. But regardless of where God puts me, i'm just thankful and super duper excited for what He has in store. This, i definitely can't wait.

In Him


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