Anyone ever sat for an IELTS test before? Is it hard? Is it soft? Haha.

My English is getting bad so i'm really worried that i might flunk it if there's a need for me to do the test.

In Him

(P/S: Reach quota for the month! Yesss!)


Amilyn said…
ask laplap =D
josh said…
yea i took the ielts test before. it's pretty easy. you have good engrish so no problem. i think they have some review materials so that you can prepare for the test. and for the oral conversation just be prepared to be asked questions that lead to nowhere.

my mum took the test and she mentioned that she played the keyboard. and then the interviewer asked her "do you think many of your friends know how to play the keyboard?" so random. might not happen to you but if it does it might throw you off a little.


anyway good luck when you're taking it.
Ratsnrop said…
Ron, it is easy peasy! No worries I am sure you will cruise through it =)
kangta164 said…
Amilyn: He posted. But thanks for the feedback! :)

josh: Thanks for the tips. I should say..." I Blog.." Let's see what they're gonna ask next. Hehe.

ratsnrop: Oh yeah, u did yours too i assume. Hehe. Okie then if you guys say so then i would think it shouldn't be that hard lah. :) Thanks!

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