Resident Evil + 28 weeks later + Cloverfield = Quarantine. Yeap, this is what you'll get. During my Cloverfield frenzy earlier this year, i found myself the original version of this movie remake which is called [REC] and man, it was / is still one of the best horror movies i've ever watched in years. Plus, i didn't even know that there was going to be an English remake coming out so it really took me by surprise when i saw this poster being displayed at the cineplex. It was only when i saw the trailer, it clicked that this was going to be the remake of the Spanish one. The best part of this English remake is that they literally narrowed down all the horror details from the Spanish version, re-enact the scenes and added more gory / scary stuffs into this one. Of course the problem for me was that i've watched and loved the Spanish version so i kinda knew where the scary part would be. Then again, all of that can be compensated by just enjoying Jennifer Carpenter's brillant performance for this English one.

Putting aside the brilliant-ness of the movie, the other issue i have with watching great horror movies like these in the local cinemas are the audiences. Not just any audiences but the very typical Bruneian audiences that's sitting at the back of you who'll add in their own effects / comments from the start till the end of the movie that'll most likely spoil your fun when you're trying to watch the movie. I'm okay if i get people screaming at the scary part irregardless of whether the screams are genuine or not but i just find it really irritating when they try to like cover up the part where they literally get scared / freaked out and instead of just screaming their testosterones out, they try to cover up by acting a bit macho and just yell out words like "OH YEAHH!! OH $%#@!" or "WOOOO...*insert constipated laugh & add on their other God knows what words of expression for the next five minutes which i believe is suitable for watching wrestling matches only*".

If that's not bad enough, there were these 2 Filipino ladies in front of me that was just laughing...pointlessly. No really, they just laughed at scenes so randomly that even Ms. Pirin-yu-wang (accent baby, accent..) got so irritated that she commented somewhere along these lines.."If those 2 girls laughed somemore, i swear i'm so gonna slap them...".

But really, i don't recall any funny scenes in this horror movie. Let's say you have Jennifer Carpenter on the screen fidgeting her arse off cause she's constantly being attacked by man eating, blood sucking zombies and there's totally no way out of the building at all..then suddenly you hear this 2 Filipino ladies bursting out in laughter and pointing at her. Like really...other than the *joke joke* humor that they always do, they really can't find anything else funny to laugh at anymore eh?

So if you're planning to catch this movie, just hope you're gonna get a good bunch of audience watching with you. If not, i'd say watch it on a DVD at home with a bunch of friends for a more decent experience. Quarantine...2 thumbs up for me!

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