GoPhone on iPhone 3GS with DATA!

So you're thinking of travelling to the US but you want a temporary line to use that can get you connected. Sure, there are a few options for you when you get here such as purchasing a GoPhone package that comes with a phone and a new sim card for you. Wait...did you say you've got an almighty iPhone you want to use? Yikes!

That was what happened with me last year when i first arrived in the US for my Christmas holiday. I own an iPhone 3Gs and was keen on using it during my trip but after asking around if it was possible to get any sim card that can suit my needs, it gave me a headache literally trying to solve this out. I ended up with getting a monthly prepaid wireless sim card with AT&T that does not offer any data packages. That costed me approximately $25 to get it up and running. The problem for me was, there wasn't a need for me to get any minutes or free texts when most of my contacts are overseas. All i really wanted was to get myself constantly connected with the social networking world when i'm on the go. I went in to a few AT&T stores and asked what options they offered but none of them sounded good mainly because AT&T are the main carriers for the iPhone in the US. If you have an iPhone in the US, you are expected be in contract with AT&T to begin with so obviously, the staffs in AT&T wouldn't give you much options other than getting you a prepaid sim card. Eventually, i gave up and just relied on using wireless hotspots for AT&T around a few malls.

After my first trip, i went back and did more research about AT&T's services. I gotta admit it is a bit confusing with all the different options they offer but judging from the prices, it seems that they are pulling their customers more into doing a two year contract which is reasonable if you are working and settling down there but otherwise, definitely expensive for visitors. I looked more into their GoPhone options since it looks more appealing for those who are going to be there for a short span of time or if they are students who are more keen on texting and calling with a tight budget. With the GoPhone option, the only thing that did not appeal to me was their phones as i already have my own phone and did not want to spend the additional $50 on a phone. Plus it is always annoying to have to switch yourself from using an iPhone back to an old Nokia model.

So here's the juicy part. I read from a few websites that you can actually get a GoPhone sim card and use that one your iPhone. Most of the people who did it use a iPhone 3G but as mine was a 3Gs, i would think the only difference it was that 3Gs model is made faster while most of the settings and stuff would still be the same. I just got back to the States about a week ago, this time more prepared with what i needed to do and behold, my iPhone 3Gs is running on GoPhone prepaid WITH data! Here's a video that i made to show you what you need to do to get it running.

Many thanks to the brilliant people behind UnlockIt.


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