Consumer act guarantee

I've heard of that term before but never really given much thought to it because there's really no such thing in Brunei. We don't have any consumer act guarantee other than the normal manufacturer's warranty or store warranty but then again, sometimes those don't even apply in Brunei. However, after being here for over a year already, i did hear this 'consumer act guarantee thing' that quite a number of people use as a "threat" to return a recent purchase that they are unhappy with. Well, at least most of them are stories i heard from friends but never really encountered anyone using that "threat" to return something...until today.

Today a customer walks in to the store and told me he spoke to one of my colleague about his pair of shoes which he return a few days ago to get it replaced. My colleague brought out the pair of shoes which was returned and showed him that the 'fault' has been fixed and was showing him what was done. The moment the customer heard the word 'repaired', he started bitching. Like literally bitching about how unhappy he is because he said he specifically told my colleague it's either he wanted the shoes to be replaced with another one or have his money refunded. Since i wasn't sure what this whole fuss was about, i just stood by the side and watched this whole drama unfold before my eyes. Plus, the shoes that was returned is the exact same model as the one i'm using for work.

So my colleague maintained his cool and just explained to him that we would have replaced him with another pair of shoes but because that pair of shoes was on sale and it was an old stock, we could not replace him with a brand new one. On top of that, my store manager was the one who decides that this fault can be repaired so it was unnecessary to get them replaced. The customer started complaining saying he is very unhappy with this and wanted to speak with our manager who was not around at that time. And there and then, he said: "I have every right to get either a replacement or a refund under the consumer act guarantee because i am extremely unhappy". 

After hearing him say that, two emotions rushed through me. First was excitement cause i finally heard someone used that term in real life. Secondly, i felt rather annoyed. I thought it was unnecessary to use that to make this such a big deal because from my opinion, the fault was not on our side. To have his pair of shoes being repaired by our store for free was already a good catch but with him pushing to get a refund or replacement is plain ludacris.

What was his complaint about?

The corner of the sole of his shoe is chipped off after a month of using them. Like the sole of the shoes. The sole where it makes contact with the floor we walk on. I'll let this guy explain cause that's really how i feel.

Personally, i don't know what he did with the shoes cause my colleague say there was a bit of blood on the soles when he returned the shoes but the point is, how can anyone expect to get refund or replacement because of the soles? It's like buying brand new car tyres, driving for a month and running over a piece of nail and demanding a refund for them just because you use the word 'consumer act guarantee'.

Did i mention he's Chinese?


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