Lesson from dad

I remember this clearly when i was out having a meal with both my parents and a friend of my dad at a fancy restaurant during the early stage of my dad's diagnosis with pancreatic cancer. This was probably late back in 2005 or early 2006. My dad's friend always loves to pay for the bill insisted that this meal was on him and asked around what we wanted to have. For some reason, when you're a kid, you always get asked first by your parents' friend. And me being me, i was always indecisive with what i wanted so when the question was thrown at me, i just politely said "Anything's fine with me,"or to be specific, in Mandarin i said "Sui bien."

At this point, my both my dad and his friend started giving me a lecture about the answer i gave. I specifically remembered my dad saying "That sort of answer will not get you far in life."And me being 18 - 19 then thought it wasn't a big deal and felt a little annoyed that i got an earful over a dinner menu. While it never made me realise the importance of what was being told then, as i grew older, i finally understood why some of these simple "lectures" that my dad used to teach me are so meaningful.

I'm currently in a situation where i've got a group filming final assignment due and we're still at the stage of indecisiveness. As much as i do want to take over everything and decide for everyone, i feel that would put me as an easy target if anything goes wrong because i don't practice 'teamwork'. While the progress of getting it done is rather slow, i'm sure eventually we'll get it done since their marks are at stake as well. I just assure myself maybe it's still their laid-back culture that i'm still not used to or i'm being too pushy with getting things done at the pace i like. But the main point why we are not moving is because all the members are indecisive. I came up with an idea, one person has the 'i'll go with the flow' attitude while another didn't like the idea but don't have a better one to replace it. Hence, we're stuck.

Today while walking back from school, my thoughts just drifted back to that very moment when my dad said those words while i was thinking about my group's progress and attitude.

How true indeed.


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