Mid Christmas thought...

So, Subway currently is having a mid Christmas promotion around New Zealand where they give out freebies each time you swipe your Subway card when purchasing your favourite subs. You could win movie tickets, flight tickets and other goodies the moment you swipe. I won a free drink. Woohoo. Anyway, that's not the point. When i read the poster advertising about the whole mid Christmas thing going on, two things crossed my head.

1. Someone in Subway must've been annoyed that Christmas in New Zealand is ALWAYS hot so they just decide to come up with a mid Christmas promotion during this winter. You know, just to give you that real Christmas feeling with the whole cold weather.

2. Joy to the world, the Lord is come.

That second thing there, has actually been on my mind more when i started singing that song in my head. The Lord is come. I'm not exactly accurate with my English but when a sentence sound off, i know it's off. For this Christmas carol, we've all been singing "the Lord is come" and why is it that nobody actually questioned that sentence? Sounds like a sentence my mom would say actually....

"Your friend is come!!" 

"The mailman is come to send mail..."

"I going shopping at Jaya Hypukima..."

I think it would make sense (grammatically) if it was "the Lord has come" or "the Lord is coming". But if you sing it with "the Lord has come", it does sound like there's no more second coming cause he came. Then again, if you sing the Lord is coming, it's probably like a pre-birth song before Christ was born. However, if we're putting it in a second coming perspective, it's like a celebratory warning song.  "Joy to the world, the Lord is coming..." 

But after a while, those thoughts just disappear cause Subway is yummy especially when you have sweet onion sauce. Om nom nom nom...


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