Lonely in a crowded place

What type of friend are you? 

1. Social networking friend: You can relate very well only via Facebook and Twitter. You 'hang out' and 'bond' by writing on each other's wall and tweeting back and forth every few days if not daily and feel like you have an inseparable bond. Your usual hangout spots are usually at a place that has a # in front of it or at a photo album. 

2. Superficial friend: The type of friends where you meet every now and then but each time you go home, at the back of your head, you ticked off the usual questions checklist that you expected them to ask. "How are you?", "How's your week/weekend been? / How's your week/weekend looking like?", "Any plans?", "What are you doing for -insert day/date/time-?". 

3. Friend: Genuine. 



Ki said…
where did you find the quiz?
kangta164 said…
I made it up! :)

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