There goes my $20k for the year!

I'm officially done with uni for the year! Not for good but just for my second year. Despite repeating this every year, i really think this year went by so quickly. Looking back at all the papers that i sat since the start of the year, i honestly have no idea how i got through but i'm glad i did and hopefully i'll be able to carry the same attitude until i finish uni for good. That's me trying to convince myself that i did put my fees to good use for the year. Results are gonna be out in a week's time and i personally think i did relatively okay for the final exams other than my Public Relations paper which was a bit challenging. What makes it worse is the fact that i chose Public Relations as my first option that i wanted to major at the start of the year but judging on how my assignment and exams went, i don't think i'll be able to make it in.

Anyway, we'll just see how my results turn out and let the uni decides. As for now, i'm sooo happy that i'm on my summer break! Other than my usual weekend work at Rockport, i'm pretty much gonna be bumming around until the end of this month before i head over to Michigan. Another white Christmas for me this year which i'm so excited about. On the other hand, i've been craving for this cake where they usually have it during the Raya season. It's called "kek tapak kuda" (horse shoe cake).

It looks like a horse shoe hence the name given...
The reason why i got a crazy craving for this cake is because someone tweeted a pic of the cake during the Raya season and ever since then, i could never get it out of my head. So instead of whining and spreading nutella over a piece of bread, i shall make my very first attempt at BAKING! Yes, this is going to be a mission but if it turns out successful, it's going to be worth the effort. Time it source for ingredients and the right baking tray. Come back soon cause i might post a video of this. Haha.


Doood! Can I download the photo of the Tapak kuda for my blog? =D
Here's my blog:

Thanks man!
kangta164 said…
Sure thing man. Found it off google. Hahaha.

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