Hello from LAX...

I'm currently in transit at LAX waiting for my next flight out in approximately 12 hours time. Just flew in from Sydney on a 13 hours flight using V Australia and i gotta say, they have got the best in flight entertainment so far. I'm not sure if Singapore Airlines uses the same system as i haven't flown with them for a while but i was really impressed with the overall service that V Australia provided especially on such a long haul flight.

Despite doing quite a bit of transits and flight connections, i still cannot grasp the art of sleeping on the plane. I barely had any sleep the night before i went on this flight partially because of my already messed up sleeping habits but i was hoping i could be able to catch a few hours of sleep on this trip but to no avail. There was a moment where my head was just starting to shut down but a few minutes later, my butt was just screaming in pain. It was so hard to catch some sleep when every 10 minutes you can feel your butt starting to ache that you have to constantly change your sitting position where to begin with, there's not much space for you to move around. Reclining the chairs back didn't help much either because unless you're in a business class, most airline seats recline you back to an awkward 60 degree angle-ish where you're not really relaxing your backbone but at the same time, you're not sitting straight up either. And if you're like me who normally sleeps sideway, you're pretty much doomed.

So 13 hours on this flight, i ended up entertaining myself with a few movies that i missed when it came out. I managed to watch "Get Him To The Greek", "Date Night", "Boy" and decided on another round of "Inception". In between, i also watched a few episodes of Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother and caught THS: Justin Bieber that was featured on the in-flight entertainment.

Sleep deprived
I was contemplating on finding the nearest hotel around to catch up with some sleep but for some reason, the thought of me being mugged while trying to be a lil' adventurous always freaks me out. Since i've got no contacts of anyone in LA at all, i've just decided to stay in the airport for the next 12 hours. Luckily, there's a reLAX lounge in the departure terminal where you get provided with unlimited wireless, snacks and beverages by paying a certain amount.

Next stop will be at Cleveland!


Nanda said…
I want to talk to you about AUT.
Can you send me an email? nanda.fogli AT gmail DOT com


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