What are the odds?

Okay, this is what happened during my weekend. I'm not making this up or adding on icing to make this whole story sound sweeter so what you're about to read is based on what exactly happened and how things slowly starting unfolding.

My previous post, i mentioned about being excited for a camp but i didn't really elaborate on what camp it was going to be, who's going to be there and what's going to happen. It wasn't because i didn't want to but i had no details with me. The invitation to this camp actually came last week while talking to my classmate who found out i'm a Christian. So it was really an impromptu conversation before she asked me if i wanted to come for a weekend camp with LIFE. My first thought was "Dang it, i don't have my blue comfy sleeping bed i usually use back home during camps..." which caused some hesitation but after a while, i just decided to go since i did tell myself to make the best out of everything during my stay here. That was how it all began. After signing up really last minute, i wasn't given any further information until 2 - 3 days before the camp date on where the camp was going to be, what to bring, who to expect, etc.

Once i got a fowarded information from classmate via email, this was what i read;

I see the name David Peters in bold and thought to myself, what are the odds of it being the same David Peters that came for SAC's Family Camp last year? But regardless, i still thought it'd be cool if it was going to be him. After that, i never really gave much thought to what's behind all these. So camp day arrived and here i am, pretty excited for my first official camp out of Brunei. The first session of the camp was preached by Marshall Gray, pastor of LIFE Central while that night was going to be by the mysterious David Peters and the next day was by Sharon Bohane.

Indeed it was the same David Peters! What are the odds of bumping into him in the most random-est camp? So, the day session started great but we were told that the night was gonna get even better. Now here's the part where it all started to get a bit scary for me but in a good type of scary way. The night session, started with p&w when suddenly the worship team said they've prepared a chinese worship song for the night. Of all songs they could've picked, they chose one that had to remind me of my dad. It was one of my dad's favorite one prior to his death...what are the odds of doing a Chinese song in a camp all the way in New Zealand? Could've done a Maori worship song right?

So there I was, starting to feel uneasy as i sense there is something that's going to happen. When David Peters came and gave a brief introduction about himself, he did mention about his trip to Brunei and just as when he did that, clips and moments of what went on then started playing in my mind. Again, what are the odds of him mentioning that in a camp when he's practically been to so many other countries that's much more interesting than Brunei?

As the session began, he prophecy-ed and started sharing his life.

Let's side track here a bit. For those who attended the church camp last year would know about his life story of how he lost his wife Jane to multiple sclerosis. Now he's remarried to a remarkable woman, Greta who also went through as just as much as David did and it's really inspiring to hear their stories of how God has everything planned for the both of them after losing their loved ones. Before they left the camp, i had the privilege to talk to them for a short while. He said he's hoping to drop by Brunei soon. *hint*

So back to the session again, as David was sharing on his life and also his book "Hope" which he wrote, while he was waving his book around the air, I remembered i did buy the book during last year's camp and gave it to my brother to give him inspiration during his chemotherapy sessions. As the night went on, it was ministry time. Right there and then, i just felt there's a tugging in my heart that i needed to do something because everything just seemed so...coincidental. As i went for ministering that night, it finally became clear to me what this whole thing was about.

Testimonies. Both mine and yours.

See, it's pretty simple but yet, in a way...complicated. I shared with some of you back at home before i left for this place that one of my main aim while i'm here is to share my testimony here of God's faithfulness during my most trial time. And somehow, it's either i got too excited about everything here that i sorta forgot or sometimes i just held back from sharing too much. But that night, everything was laid down right before me. If you put the picture together, this was how simple it all meant;

If it wasn't for Him, my dad's passing two years ago would've been so much harder on me (hence, the Chinese song that reminded me of dad). During the last camp with David Peters, it was tough trying to deal with my brother's case but i remembered that time I chose to submit to Him. (hence, the book and David Peters himself to remind me of what I asked from Him). Today, my brother is healed. And then now i'm all the way in New Zealand where to begin with i bargained with Him back then that if He sees favor in me being here, i'll do my little part in sharing my testimony to new lives here. And He has kept His side of our 'mutual agreement'. Now He's checking on me if i am keeping mine.

Alamak...kena spot check. But yes, i was just amazed at how He chose to remind me that night. After the session ended, i just decided to share this with whoever i bumped into. It didn't matter to me anymore if i had to repeat the same testimony a gazillion times because He's been short changed of testimonies.

When's the last time you shared your testimony?


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