Whoa 3 weeks in to my stay here and there's been so much happening already. I met 2 sisters from KB who's currently living here. They were nice enough to bring me out for dinner at Wok'in Restaurant which by the way have waiters who talk in an interesting way.

Last night, the fire alarm at our student apartment went off. Approximately around 2.45 am. And the sucky bit about that whole thing was there wasn't any real fire at all (not that i really wanted one but you know, just to add more drama a bit...) and i had to get up early for a 8am lecture today. But it was an interesting experience in a weird kinda way. All i remembered was i was having a really good sleep when the alarm went off, and the first thing i did was walked towards my window and tried looking around to see if there was any smoke coming out of any windows near mine. Realizing there wasn't any, i went back to bed hoping someone would turn the alarm off. And then i heard my flatmates running around. I went out of my room just to find all of them with their laptops in their bags starting to make their way out.

This was the part where i had to use my half awake brain. I literally stood in my room, stared at my laptop for a while and started thinking if i should bring mine down or not. If i were to bring it down, then i had to unplug my cable, take out the bag, roll the cable, put it all in the bag and while i'm at that take out my passport, bring down my file that contains all of my previous education certs. Then there's my precious cameras again. Like seriously, everything is like important no? Thank God my CDs and DVDs collection are not in this room. Part of me had a strong feeling that it's just probably gonna be some false alarm whereas the other paranoid part of me says it's better to bring down some stuffs..who knows the fire is just above me or something?

Funny thing was that having so much thoughts, my hands just reached for a cap, my keys and phone. The next thing i knew i was on my way down the emergency staircase with thoughts of the worst case scenario that could happen and having only solution to solving it. INSURANCE! :D But yeah, as i predicted nothing happened although i did learn one thing out of this lil drama.

A jacket would definitely be a better substitute for a freakin' cap when i had to stand out in the cold for 1/2 hour.


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