Dish of the day!

So after weeks of indulging myself in Subways, fastfoods and frozen meals, i have finally decided to try cooking my very first dish. Curried Kumara. I ordered most of the fresh ingredients via Foodbox (i love all these online order + delivery things!) and they were pretty cool to include this recipe for the week.

Haha noticed how retarded the kumaras looked?
I forgot to buy a peeler so i had to manually use the knife to shave the skin off. Thankfully no cuts.. :P
Oh and the soap wasn't part of the ingredients...

After the first attempt only....

VoilĂ ~!

I didn't make it too creamy cause i still haven't got myself a rice cooker yet. And also, i would actually think it'd be much nicer if the kumara was chicken. Haha. Then it wouldn't be Curried Kumara obviously. But yes, i still can cook!:)


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