During the past week, I....

1. Got confuse between the St. Paul's Church office and the church itself. Instead of heading to the church, i went to their office which was directly opposite the church. It was lock.

2. Got lost trying to find Elim Church after thinking to myself that St. Paul's Church was close which i thought was pretty ironic. Church...close on a Sunday? Walked for an hour trying the church but ended up in McD instead. At least i did say my grace. :P

3. Spent more than NZD$10.00 on 3 different dryers trying to dry my clothes. No, after the amount spent my laundry still wasn't dry yet.

4. Attended my first lecture ever. I now know how it works. If i'm lucky to be in the 'right' room, i'll get to see a live lecturer; otherwise i'll just be learning from a flat screen plasma tv watching the lecturer from the other room.

5. Am freaking out about my essay due on the 26th. Getting really irritated with the whole APA referencing thingy which i still don't know exactly how it's gonna work.

6. Enjoyed my first workshop getting to mess around with a $4,000 tripod and a huge old school filming camera.

7. Finally getting a bit comfortable with some of my course mates. Lectures does not work well but tutorials and workshops can break the ice easily.

8. Kept feeling paranoid that some NZ government SWAT team is gonna come kicking my door down because i'm downloading the TV episodes which i missed during my transition here. I still don't know how strict the rules for internet usage here are but as far as i know, i am limited to 10gb caps a month and i'm gonna make sure that i'll make full use of that 10gb i'm paying for.

9. Ordered my first Dominoes online here. Ah yes, the food that does the walking for you.

10. Lost 4 kilos.


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