Current home @ Wellesley Student Apartment & Life Church

These were taken right about an hour after i moved all my stuffs in from the YHA backpacker's hostel. For those who's wondering how the accommodation at AUT's Wellesley Student Apartment looks like, here are some pictures. Simple but yet very nice. :)

My humble room although still bigger than my own room back in Brunei.

The walkway to the living room / kitchen.

The toilet i'm using. There are 2 toilets, 1 is so much smaller than this one (although i think it's meant for disabled people but yeah since none of us are disabled, i'm just gonna stick with this big one).

The view outside my unit facing the other wing...

That's AUT's Wellesley Student Apartment for ya. (Lol, don't mind the link. I'm hoping whoever that's searching up for pictures of the apartment will get directed here. I know i had a hard time finding pictures of the apartment. Bahahaha!) Anyway during the first week, i've also managed to pop by Life Church thanks to Becky K's neighbour.
Worship was pretty cool and the sermon was awesome. Ps. Maree De Jong, wife of the senior pastor in Life Church shared that morning. Met a bunch of people after the service and went out for lunch with them. Among them was 1 guy from Brunei who have been here for quite sometime. Poor guy haven't updated himself for the past 10 years or so. One of his first question was "Hey, how's Jerudong Park ah?" Haha.

Today i'm gonna try this church right next to my accommodation. As far as uni goes, semester 1 will officially begin tomorrow. First uni lecture of my life. Wopeee!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for putting up the apartment pictures! Very helpful. Is your room a standard size? Because I know there is also a small and a large size.
kangta164 said…
Yeap this is the standard size room. The large room is just slightly bigger but i think this standard size is reasonable enough unless you like walking space in your room. :) Are you planning to study in AUT?
Anonymous said…
Awesome, thanks a lot! And yes, I've submitted my applications and things, so if all goes well I shall attend in March. Big move from the US, but I'm excited and nervous! Hope I get in.
kangta164 said…
Aweseome. The place is pretty neat with lots of students from different places! As long as you're accepted into AUT, the chances of getting a room is pretty high unless you're fighting for small rooms. I'm thinking of staying there throughout my uni so who knows, i might just bump into you next year! ;)
Erica said…
Yeah, I visited a couple weeks ago on my break from classes and got a tour and such, and I am so excited! It's awesome there and I miss it a lot. But yes, thanks a lot! Possibly see you around next year!
Anonymous said…
how much is the rent for the standard room?
kangta164 said…
@Anonymous: You can refer to AUT website for price details. Subject to change every year.

Hope that helps!
Digital Subway said…
Thanks for posting these pictures. I wish I had seen them before I started living in WSA too. I also added more pictures on my blog and wrote a review of life in WSA. Hope that other people find it useful while deciding where to live while studying in Auckland.
Unknown said…
I love your classy toilet! Did you put the blue lights? What a clever idea. Feels like in Vegas!
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Anonymous said…
h3yy guyz much of an playboy type u are opposite genders allowed to stay in 1 flat o in my room like wise kinda
Mikky.S said…
Thanks for posting! I will be attending AUT in March 2012 on exchange from Canada and am finding it difficult to find accommodation reviews! Debating on WSA vs. flatting
Anonymous said…
Thanks for uploading the pictures! It's really helpful!
Would you still recommend to stay at WSA? I think the prices are pretty high, or is that normal in NZ?
I just looked at the website of unilodge, which looks pretty good, does anyone know if it's nice to live there?
Anonymous said…
hello dear
i am reza.
i will come aut in July 2012 for phd edu.
is there a suitable place to live?
is it for singles ?can the couples stay there? if no, where can they find a place to live near aut with reasonable cost?
thanks a lot
Anonymous said…
Hey guys thanks for the info!

Im studying at AUT in july 2012 and am currently debating where to live any advice?

WSA looks pretty dormy, which I've done and don't feel the need to do again... Know anything about unilodge? or advice on a better place to live?

I was looking at parnell but I'm not sure if it's too far away from the campus.

Any advice would be much appreciated!
Hi there, thanks for posting these pictures. I was also deciding between WSA and Unilodge. Anyone heading there in July 2012? See you guys there!
Waterloo said…
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