Shakespear Regional Park

After close to 3 weeks being stranded within Auckland City, i've finally gotten out of my usual routine areas that i always frequent, to somewhere a bit far off. Shakespear Regional Park. A very beautiful place filled with green green grass. No kidding. The grass here are really green. I made my own theory up while trying to figure out how come the grass here are so green while the ones back home are like boring green. First, you gotta answer this question.

Have you ever pee'd at a specific spot on a grass for a long time?

Ok, i never did but i knew a few people who did. Not that i was a pervert lookin' at people peeing or anything but let's just say somehow, you'll get lots of different answers whenever you ask people where their nearest toilet is. A minority (kampong-kia) will just point to a certain spot on the ground. Now, if you've ever come across certain spots where the grass always get pissed on, you'll see that that spot will always be greener than those that does not have the pee-terlizer right? Don't believe me? Go pee on your lawn for a week and see the results.

Something like that...

And you should also know that in New Zealand, the average ratio of sheep to humans are 10:1. Sheeps move around here. Yes, they pee too. And that is why, grass here are super green.

Back to the outing, i went there with a group of 6 people from Malaysia, Thailand, China and Korea. Nice bunch of people. First thing we did when we arrive was to grab as much cockles as we could find. While doing so, i developed another theory!

The fact that Brunei beaches are only filled with empty sea-shells (which i believe is actually cockles shells) is because people from down here catch them, eat them up, probably dump their shells back and it floats to us. Now for some of us back at home who's never been to this part of the world before, will get so fascinated with the different type of shells we can find. We pick them up from the beach, paint them and keep them. In other words, we're actually picking up people's rubbish and storing them at home for deco! I believe the quote "One person's rubbish is another person's treasure" should fall right into place here no? :P

Nah these are not the empty cockles shells. They're the peeps i went on the trip with...

Enough about the theories. I just realized i've got a presentation due next week. I'm suppose to do an "introduction through an image" presentation where i have to produce on an A4 piece of paper, an image that best communicate my identity (who i am or what am i most passionate about, my interests, etc) to the class. It is relevantly easy but my main issue right now is not really about the presenting part. I don't even know what i'm passionate about.


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