During the past week, i bought...

1. 2 copies of 2nd hand text books - NZD $50.00
Retail price of the 2 text books brand new - NZD $200 ish
I save NZD $150.00

2. A 2nd hand rice cooker + Steamer - NZD $26.00
Retail price of the brand new rice cooker - NZD $50.00
I save NZD $24.00

3. A brand new Logitech R20 2.1 Speakers - NZD $41.00
Retail price in shops - NZD $69.90
I save NZD $28.90

4. A brand new Canon PIXMA MP240 All-in-One Printer - NZD $52.00
Retail price of printer - NZD $62.25
I save NZD $10.25

I love TradeMe! They even got "SciPhone". Lol. And also lots of adorable dogs but at a rather high price. Then again, they're all proper pedigree dogs instead of mixed. Last weekend, i went out to a barbeque gathering with the OCF peeps.

Lovely bunch of people. See the guy folding his arms there? Each time i look at him, he reminds me of Sheng. Lol. The girl in pink right at the background there looking like she's going to spear someone is the president of OCF here.

This weekend, i'll be off to a church camp. Egg-cited! :D


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