Ever since the existence of the internet, a lot of phrases suddenly popped out of nowhere. Phrases like “L.O.L” (Laugh Out Loud), “L.M.A.O” (Laughing My Ass Off), etc have been heavily used by everyone, everywhere. Right. That sounded pretty much like a report. Haha!

I, too happen to use a lot of phrases online, in case you didn't notice or you don't really chat with me much. Mine's the classic “lol” phrase, which I don’t even laugh out loud in reality really. It’s just something I’d always type to fill in the awkward silence moment in the cyberworld. But then again, if there is really something funny online and I need to express it out to someone else, I won’t just type “lol!” just because I’m laughing out real loud…in fact, I’d just express it right away just like how I do in reality…


...and flood the windows of the other user. Most of the time when I type “lol”, I’m not even smiling. So don’t think when I “lol” with you I’m really laughing out loud.

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I'm laughing out loud online...

I remember someone once sat next to me, caught me using that phrase multiple times then suddenly turning to me and said “Dude, how come you’re not laughing when you’re doing the “lol” thing?”


I guess sometimes its better not to take things out of its context especially internet phrases. Try imagining us using internet phrases in our daily conversation. I'm not making this up but I happened to know someone who used to do that. She’d blabber and blabber then when something funny happens, she’d just say “LAUGH OUT LOUD!” Trust me, we made a huge joke out of it ever since and I think it stopped her now.

Then again, online phrases do get annoying sometimes. One of the most annoying one so far would be the phrase “Heh”. Like really, what’s that suppose to mean? For me, I would look at it as more on a sarcastic / rude remark like something you would say but once you throw in that phrase in at the end of the sentence, it just makes it sound like you didn’t mean what you said at all.

“I really think you look pretty tonight. Heh!”

“Yeap, i think you really deserve a raise. Heh.”

Oh and an image of a goat will somehow pop into my head to whenever I see that word. I think it sounds rather familiar when a goat “Baaaah” (where in reality, it really sounds a lot like “Meeehhhhh”) and that “Heh” thing...i think? That phrase also makes one sound like they're having a breathless online caugh or suffering from an online asthma. If you happen to use that phrase a lot, i'm not picking on you. I just happened to dislike it.


In Him


josh said…
i don't like it when girls do ThIs AnD tYpE 0l kRaYzIe!!

<3 jAy cHoU
w0 aI nI!!

mIzz U PpLZ!
kangta164 said…
Lol! Not only girls, i think i came across guys doing that. Haha and yes, i couldn't agree more...that is REALLY irritating too! :P

<3 J|rO WaNg
FaHrEnHeiT Ru|eZzZzzzZ!


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