Lefty or Righty?

A buddy of mine from KL sent this to me. Which direction is this lady turning? Clockwise or Anti-clockwise?

Don't worry lah there won't be anything scary that'll pop up...

Majority of people who see this will see that the lady is turning clockwise direction. It shows that they're using more on the right side of the brain whereas some see the opposite way. But if you concentrate long enough, you can see the lady turn the other way instead of the normal way. It's just all in your mind. Pretty cool eh?

Oh and just for the record, look who's finally back again? Just approximately only 15 entry posts entry in my blog since your farewell one and you're back already. I knew you couldn't survive life in Kuching without me around. Hahaha! Yes, I'm 'uber' cool! Woohoo!

In Him


Ratsnrop said…
OMG! Cool pic.. Can I "grab"?
kangta164 said…
Sure sure...i didn't you had a blog too! Ehlah don't tell wan! :P
Ratsnrop said…
Wahaha! You see, I always bad-mouth a certain someone or certain entity in my blog but I am afraid to be confronted so I don't go and tell people that I have a blog. It's like I wanna tell but I am scared people will know.. Haha! Silly, I know..

Eh, you know what? YOU inspired me to blog.. Honest! Remember that day I SUDDENLY MSN you and compliment your blog? Yea, ever since that day, I've been blogging.

Your blog is the best I've ever read. Hell yea! Keep it up..

Cheers mate!

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