Funny Ha-Ha

Remember my post back then on how i pick dvds judging from the ratings and critics comments given that's printed on the dvds? I'm taking it back. Not ALL movies are as good as how they've been rated. Okay, maybe it's just me but still, i know how to tell when movies are great, okay and when they stink big time which leads me to this movie that i bought recently from our nation's biggest, widest and finest movie store.

Funny Ha-Ha. This is by far the most overrated film ever (for me). I seriously have no idea why they would give comment like "One of the Top 10 films of 2005" when the quality of the movie seems like it's been filmed way back in the 1980's. To start off, the title itself doesn't even live up to what the movie has to deliver. With a title like Funny Ha-Ha, obviously one would really expect something funny from it but while i was watching this, waiting to burst out laughing till my lungs explode or at least a giggle, this darn movie just ended after a wasteful time span of 1 hour 30 minutes without even making me smile at all. And i just hate movies that just end as they please without stating a point. Call the cops, i've been robbed off my time.

Wait, i don't even know why i'm posting this in my blog. It's not even worth reviewing! Funny Ha-Ha. Nothing to ha-ha about. Two thumbs down for me.

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