Happy Birthday Bong!

As much as i want to leave the previous post longer for you guys to debate on how the lady is rotating, (Fact is she's actually rotating 1 way but it's how your brain tells you to see shows it's either clockwise or anti-clockwise. No, the picture does not randomly change direction. Yes, whether you're seeing it clockwise or anti-clockwise, if you manage to find the "X" point, you can see the lady rotate the other way and vice versa. Period.) i have to leave a special birthday post to someone who's probably still clubbing away being "tipsy" (no...not drunk, for her it's called tipsy) as always celebrating her 18th birthday as i'm typing this.

Big shoutout to Ms. Jocelyn Bong Yee Lin(g?) a.k.a Bongggg. I won't leave much mushy mushy messages for you here because i'll let the ONLY picture that i like, speaks for itself.

The most unforgettable eyes i've ever seen. Gosh, i almost forgot how sexy it looked on you. Bahahahaha! Ms. Curtin Miri 2007! Wooohoo!

Hehe. Putting sarcasm aside, please do have a happy 18th birthday and don't club too much la wei. Not good for the brain cells. Serious! :P Hope you'll have a great time celebrating your legal age now. I'm sure you're like reading this with a super hangover or something. Don't lie to me ding-dong! Pffsh. Bye Bong!

In Him

(P/S: While i'm at this, big big hello to you if you're reading this too because that silly Bong eyes reminded me of you and your silly bimbo laugh too. I mean really, how can one not laugh eh? :P See you soon bum! )


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