Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty. Managed to *coughs* grab” a clear version of this movie somewhere. I just love how clearer copies are always being release faster online, comparing to the ones on dvds no?

For those who do not know who exactly this “Evan” character is in Evan Almighty, (if you did watch Bruce Almighty before or have not watch it yet), he’s actually the anchorman on the news back in that movie. I’m sure everyone remembered this part from the movie where he really made me laughed so hard even until now.

“In other news, the Prime Minister of Sweden visited Washington today and my tiny little nipples went to France…”

I thought Steve Carell (Evan Baxter in Evan Almighty / Bruce Almighty) acted well for his role in this movie. I’m sure there were high expectations from people or maybe even critics for this movie and definitely there will be comparisons between him and Jim Carrey (Bruce Nolan in Bruce Almighty) but I wouldn’t say this is a complete let down like what other people would claim. The downside of this movie however is that they used Morgan Freeman again as God (again!) and whenever I think of God, I think of…Morgan Freeman. Haha!

Storyline wise, Evan Almighty focused more on the biblical side which definitely did tone down the comical side because in some way, there were good values taught in bits and pieces of this movie. You’ll get what I mean if you value Christianity as a religion which for me is one of the main reasons why I think this movie isn’t that bad. But my advice for you, if you’re planning to watch this movie, is to set aside everything you’ve watched or remembered from Bruce Almighty (especially what you've just seen on top!) and try not categorizing this as a comedy but rather a light movie to enjoy. A few chuckles here and there and I’m sure you wouldn’t find Evan Almighty that horrible.

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