Ba ram bam bam bam...

Drums. I've always been fascinated by it since young. Whenever i see a live band performing, the first person i'd look at would be the drummer. Regardless of how crappy the music is or how bad the voice of the lead singer goes, i've always thought the drums were super cool. So finally after years and years of just watching and envying, i've decided to pick it up. Much thanks to Joel for the encouragement. I've always assumed that drums wouldn't be THE instrument that i'll ever settle down with due to the fact that i have bad hand and feet coordination which i really do actually. I just need more practice to get use to the whole coordination.

Come to think about it, i think most of the music instruments need coordination anyway. I remember going for guitar lessons before and boy did i sucked big time. My fingers couldn't coordinate at all! Ever since attending my first guitar lesson and being terrorized by it (or at least by the teacher who taught me then...), i vowed never to go for any more lessons regardless of whatever musical instruments it was. But then again, deep down inside of me, i've always wished to be good in at least one instrument.

So here i am with a pair drumsticks hitting away on my pillows in my room attempting to follow the beat of certain songs. I'm trying to go super serious with all the lessons Wesley's giving for the moment but i don't know how much i can improve / learn by attending lessons once every week...which lead to a question in my head....

Should i shop for drumsets!?

Muahahahaha! Yes, the shopping bug bites again. Then again, even if i do get a set now, there's really no space for it in my room. *grins* I seriously need a bigger room.

Been checking out Ebay for a bargained full set of drums. It's so really tempting. And they even have brand new, full set of drums for the price of USD$190-ish. I just don't know whether or not it's a good brand. In fact, i don't even know which brand is the better one. What say you buddy? Any tips / tricks to educate me with?

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