Sound Effects...

If you're out with a bunch of friends, try listening to their conversations or at least their stories and catch what sort of sound effects they're using in their speech. I've managed to pick up one of the most used effects in conversations that i've had so far;


That's like the universal effect you can use for whatever scenario you have in mind that you want to explain. For example, you can use the sound "ddshh" in making songs explanations;

"That night i tell you, syok man the club. They played my the song ah and it went like ddsshhhh ddsshhh dddssshhh..."

or you can also use that sound effect when explaining bits and pieces of most action movies...

"So when the car fly ah, Bruce Willis shot ngam ngam at the fuel 'tangki' there ddsshh ddsshhh ddssshh (they actually ddsshh the exact amount of times the shot Bruce Willis fired!) then the car explode...BOOM!"

But the most scenario used for this effect would definitely be slapping someone.

"I slaaapppp you then you know ah! *makes slapping gesture* ddsshhh...."

But that's just one effect out of many effects we use daily. I'm sure there's a heck more effects out there that's being used. With all those effects, it seems like as if we're on a live set of "Whose Line Is It Anyway" or something. But then again, it is quite cool if you can pull off the sound effect and make it sound as real as it could be, but realize how ridiculous it can turn out to be if it's totally a sound that's wayyy off...

"Oooh! The other day my car screech like crazy when i brake. The tyres went "eecccchhhh eccchhhhh ecchhhhhhhh...."

Screeching sounds are definitely one of the funniest effect people have ever attemped. Kids on the other hand, when they don't get the things they want, they'll make some accelerating sound just like how your car sounds like if you're driving one with a 1.6 cc engine but deep down in your mind, you wish it was a 2.0 vtec turbo engine.

Mother: "No Billy, you've got a lot of toys already! You can't buy this one..."
Billy: "But mmyyy, i will take good care of it i promise!!"
Mother: "NO!"
Billy: "Nnnnnnguuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......." (from low key to high key somemore!)

Haha...i bet some of you did that before. I know i did when i was a kid...or maybe i still do? :P But just try listening for sound effects when you're with your friends and have a good laugh at their silly attempts. And off i go to save to world... "Wooooshhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

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