Manage to spend a good number of hours talking with someone whom i've always wanted to have a good talk with. Thanks for listening.

And lookie lookie, McDonald's came out with a new product. If you're lucky you can probably find this is your local McDonald's menu...but i doubt you can because most likely it's only in Brunei. So all you fast food lovers, i hereby introduce the yummiest McDonald's menu ever came up withe...

The all new McSlippers!

Kidding la. Just so happen to find these slippers outside some shop around the Serusop area. It'd be funny to know if McDonald's really did start investing in footwear though. But i'd say this would be some rip off cheapo slippers sold by the shop. How i know? Cause they also sell...

Perharps their slogan would be "I didn't do it!"

If you're using Abibas slippers, you're sooo outdated! :P

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