It's been a draggy week for me. I'm struggling with everything at this very moment. Waking up to work has been dreadful. Haven't been hanging out much with anyone. Don't feel like bothering about anything at all. Some say it's just a phase that everyone goes through every once in a while. I guess you can assume it's like period for girls...just that mine doesn't comes bloodily.

Sigh. Maybe it's because i did something which i was not supposed to several weeks ago. Or probably because friends are slowly flying off one by one. Or maybe i'm just in need of a new inspiration. I don't know. Speaking of that sentence, i just realized i've been using that a lot as an excuse lately.

Anyway, I was watching some Filipino drama on DVD 2 nights ago and there was this particular scene that really got me thinking.

Let's say you're a devoted Christian who loves God and your family. What would you do, if your family got kidnapped and their lives are at stake; and the only way their lives can be spared is by carrying out a mission which is by putting a bomb in your church.

If you want to answer, please feel free to use the comment system instead of the tagboard. *glares at Josh*

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