Everyone's talking about it today...or maybe it's only me but i was a *wee* bit excited about the whole eclipse phenomena going on today.

However, much to my disappointment, i couldn't quite spot the sun nor the moon around the estimated time due to the rain. I'm sure i wasn't the only one cause on my way home, i saw quite a number of cars slowing down looking up at the sky every few minutes.

I admit, i sort of did that too until i almost reached home when i saw blue flashing lights. You know what that means. P-O-L-I-C-E! Wasn't a roadblock but rather, a major accident around the Mulaut area. I remember back then my mom always tell me she gets really paranoid when driving next to a trailer cause she always have funny thoughts that one way or another, the trailer might just fall one side and crush her or something. I mean what are the odds right?

Apparently that was what happened. Not my mom lah wei *choiii touchwood* but there it was, a huge ass trailer / lorry lying on the road one sided. And of course Bruneians being Bruneians, you see people slowing down and snapping pictures of the scene with their mobile phones. Couldn't imagine what would happen if there was a car underneath it...

Maybe the driver of the vehicle was also keeping an eye out for the eclipse thing...

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