Little Manhattan

Yes, another random movie picked out by yours truly. Lately, i've been somewhat attracted to "lovey-dovey" movie storylines for a change after years of watching horror genres and surprisingly, i'm good at picking out nice love movies. Not too soapy, not too fairytale, just nice. Or maybe it just pure luck.

Little Manhattan is your typical puppy love story but only to be seen through the eyes and feelings of a 10 years old boy. I hate to brag but all you girls out there, if you wanna know what's going through the minds of guys who are in love with you, or at least being the first time in love, this movie explains everything. From the good ol' "girls have cooties" (not applicable to Asians i presume) thing to that little "butterflies" feeling in your tummy and then to the major breakup that literally shatters both hearts to bits and pieces. May i add that we, guys have feelings too you know when it comes to the major "I HATE YOU!!" part. This kid just shows it all. And i don't think this reflect only what kids go through when they're in love, it still happen to adults too you know but only if it's REALLYlove. It doesn't apply to the buaya-ness type of love...if you know what i mean. :P

Anyway, if you're just so happen to be in love, this should be a nice movie for you and your special someone to watch together with and have a good laugh at. If you've just broken up, probably not the best movie to watch but the ending would give you a little boost back to reality on how life should go on. Like c'mon, if a 10 years old can see that why can't you right? If you haven't been in love, this movie will definitely show how a person feel when they're in love despite being played from a 10 years old point of view. I don't think it should matter anyway because love will always be love. If your heart is there to love someone, that's the situation you'll face and this movie just shows it all. The stupidity, the awkwardness, the paranoia, etc. Well played by Josh Hutcherson as Gabe Burton in the movie who's now quite a hunk for the ladies and also by Charlie Ray as Rosemary Telesco, the girl that means the world to Gabe.

The jokes and sarcasm in this movie are such classics too by the way. Love this particular part;

Rosemary: "I'm going off to a camp for six weeks.."
Gabe: "Six weeks!?"
(She might as well have said she's dying...)

Sorry if i'm spoiling it but i just had to so that you guys can go get a copy. Haha. Another movie worth spending your money on. Oh, and if you love movies with a lot of New York sceneries / lifestyle just like i do, this is definitely one of those movies where it'll make you go "Ahh! I so wish I was there..".

Little Manhattan, a movie that'll just make you smile a lot. Two thumbs up for me! :)

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