To describe, not to describe...

Last Saturday, while having the usual supper time after our weekly 'clubbing session', Frank came in and told the group about some car being stolen with a 7 years old girl inside. The instruction given was, whoever saw this car with number plate BU9515, please call the police immediately. Of course with me being the nosy one decided to poke for more details but the ironic thing is, there's wasn't any further description about this so called missing car with girl inside theft. No brand of car, colour of car, whatsoever. Fortunately, the authorities manage to retrieve the car several hours later with the girl still inside. Thankfully she's okay.

So today i just so happen to read the news about that incident on today's paper, and this time asking the public to find the car suspect. Ok, good thing now is they manage to give a description of the suspect. So my dear readers, if you know anyone who fits into this description, please hand them over to the authorities...

"The police said the suspect, whose nationality is not yet known, is reported to be of medium built and 5ft 5in tall. He is fair and has short hair and can speak both English and Malay."

Hmmm....I don't know about you but that person sure sound a lot like...

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Like seriously, there's literally thousands of people staying in Brunei that's medium built, 5ft 5in tall, fair and has short hair and can speak both English and Malay. How to catch?

In Him


Nick Thien said…
Ouch man.. ouch... haha... luckily I'm 5'6" and thin... haha whatever.

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