Rain, rain go away....

If it wasn't for the rain, this post would probably be a review of The Simpsons Movie which i'm suppose to be watching at 10pm. But because of the darn rain, i'm forced to stay at home.

Well, not only the rain but rather the road outside my house got flooded. My house area has always been prone to flooding whenever there's a heavy downpour. Despite numerous complaints from residents around the area, there's nothing much the authorities can do anyway. Can't solely blame them too since Brunei's got a really bad drainage system in the first place but you know that's just a nicer way of saying that there's just too much rubbish clogged in every drain around the country. Haha!

So what's there to do when you're stuck at home because of flood?

"Be one with the flood!"

Haha! All the flooding just brings back my kampong memories for some reason. I'm sure most of you who grew up in kampong always have this little excitement in you whenever there's flooding eh? It's like the word "flood" carries the same meaning as "swimming pool" in the kampong dictionary. My whole family's (mom's side) pretty much kampong in certain ways. We grew up in my grandmother's place back in Tutong. Every weekend, when we visited grandma, my cousins and i would just find something interesting to do without fail.

When i say interesting, i don't mean by rolling around the mud type of interesting. Our way of fun is by going into the pond and searching for rotten duck eggs, then bringing it to the forest and pretending to be chefs. We'll steal a bit of cooking oil from my aunt's kitchen and start a little fire in the jungle and cook the rotten eggs. Our guests would always be the dogs that accompanied us.

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Even mother couldn't resist stepping into the flooded waters...

Tonight's flood is pretty bad compared to the previous flooding we had. Most of the time the waters don't really reach the junction outside our house because our housing area is considered the 'higher' area, but if the water outside our house is ankle deep, then i think the rest of Tanjung Bunut would be around knee deep or waist deep. Yeap, it's that bad.

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Oh well i guess The Simpsons Movie will have to wait for now. By the way, my brother said the most lamest thing yesterday. Remember a few days ago, there was a really strong wind that practically blew off most of Kampong Ayer's rooftops? My brother was exaggerating that the wind was so strong that when he parked his car in Gadong, he ended up finding it in Kiulap. Pffsh...

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