Oh the horror...

Saw the most inhumane & gruesome scene ever.

A car ran over a kitten in the main roundabout right before my eyes today and the worst part of it was that the kitten didn't die on the spot. Instead it was twisting and tossing (and somehow, it literally jumped up and down) in pain and agony in the middle of the roundabout while cars nearby it just stopped and looked thus, causing a slight traffic jam in the roundabout.

I feel really bad for that furry little thing. I'm sure it should be dead by now but then can you imagine the pain it had to go through before it died? I think the car sort of ran over it's head or something so the body was still functioning...but man, when i saw that kitten tossing and twisting, i thought it was a dry leaf or something brown-ish flying around.

Still can't get that image out of my head. *shudders*

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