Movies everywhere!

I simply love Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix! Like seriously!!

Why i love Harry Potter you ask?

Well, because Harry Potter gives good advices. You see, at the moment we're going through big climate changes and most of the time it's raining. So Harry adviced us to bring an umbrella wherever we go.

Serious la wei! Just check Harry out. Sometimes you need to open your eyes a bit bigger to get the 'subliminal messages'...

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Harry Potter and the Order of bringing an umbrella wherever you go these days..

Heck even Emma 'getting hotter by the minute' Watson was hinting me that i should really carry an umbrella. Gosh, that's so thoughtful of her...

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Ummmmmbrella, brella, ella, ella...

Not forgetting whoever's that freaky dude...

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"I said i wasn't gonna lose my head but then, POP! goes my EYE... "

Like i said before, i'm not really into movies so there are certain movies which EVERYONE might be talking about, but me being me, i still wouldn't watch it just because it's not my 'cup of tea'. Unfortunately, Harry Potter is one of them because i haven't quite watched any of the Potter movies before and no, i'm not like some people who wait outside a bookstore to get the books at 7.01 am when it's being release at 7.00 am.

Anyway speaking of movies, i just realized a lot of people are giving their own reviews on the latest movies they have watched. I know this blog do give reviews too but my taste of movies are slightly different from the rest which makes my 'reviews' (if i can even call them that) pretty weird. Basically i just 'shoot' whatever that comes to mind first.

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*Hint Category: Something to do with movie

...if you get what i mean. Oh and i got that silly thing from Joyce's board game. Can't remember the name of the game but it's pretty...weird. You're suppose to guess the right word / sentence judging from the pronunciation on the card. Some of them just sound so wrong. Can you guess the correct word that's on the card? case you don't see it coming, this post is pretty much pointless. Haha!

Just carry an umbrella with you for these upcoming few days lah!

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