Business or I.T?

Decisions. One of the many areas in life which i'm really bad at. Within this week, i have to come up with a proposal to my boss on how to minimize the number of staffs my company. In other words, who to sack and who not to. And i'm on the verge of sacking myself really. It's hard enough to sack a person if they commit a mistake, what more now to sack people just because the company's running on a budget. *sigh*

I do not know where life is gonna take me seriously. I envy some of my friends who have their lives planned ahead of them...where they're gonna study, what they plan to achieve within certain years, what they're gonna do after they've graduate and so on. Heck, some even have plans on where they wanna be bury when they die.

The other day i went and changed my car tyres at some workshop near my area which was recommended by my mom just because the owner used to know my dad. My mom just so happen to talk about studies and all of a sudden, the owner decides to lecture me on how i should not waste my time and continue my studies while i still have the time to. I have to admit, being at this age where most of my friends are still studying while i on the other hand, have a well paid job in a quarry and manage to start off a little business with my friend just makes me feel like i'm pretty much stable. But that's only for now. There are some people who agree with me saying i need not stress so much cause i'm okay but then, me being me, i tend to worry. And when i do that, all the 'what ifs' starts to pop into my mind.

But putting all those aside for now, i have yet to make another major decision in my life. Whether or not i should continue my studies. While most of the pros lies within the answer that i should, now the other decision i have to make is what course i should take up. Being at this stage, i know there's not much choices for me to select from especially when i'm going to be sticking with the whole working and studying life. I'm pretty much at a indecisive state. So far, i have LCB in mind but i have yet to survey more around other places in Brunei with whatever courses they have to offer. Initially i did think of picking up something I.T-ish even though it could be out of my comfort zone. But then, it's something new for me, something different for me to try but after Clyde gave his reasons, it kinda scared me a bit.


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