I managed to catch a horror flick today after a while. The remake of the Thai horror movie that came out 4 years ago...Shutter. Those who managed to catch the Thai version would definitely agree that it is way better than the American one (not that i've seen or heard of any American remakes are better than the Asian ones). The plot are exactly the same. The only thing that the American version lack is the scary factor in the movie. No, there's no sudden shocking scene where it'll make you jump out from your chair, there's no up close of the ghost face on the screen and the stupid thing is, why can't Americans just stick to using their own American ghost in their little American movie and not borrow a Japanese ghost?

I mean really, are they really racists enough to think that ONLY Japanese ghosts can come out of photos and televisions while American ghosts are permitted to coming out from graveyards and being exorcised? Plus, the origin of the Shutter movie was based from Thailand anyway...i don't see to why it has to be linked to Japan. I assume that maybe the Americans think that no matter where we're from, as long as our skin is a bit brownish we're the same to them. Yeap, we all fall under the same category. Chinese, Japanese, Thai...we're all the same!

Movie wasn't that great for me. I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for a movie that'll make you scream and have nightmares. If you have watched the original Thai version, you will definitely know where the ghost is hiding which of course spoil the whole movie for you. One nice part of the movie however is seeing a short appearance of *someone* from Heroes. Not that character lah of course...that'd be weird. Imagine suddenly Mohinder Suresh taking DNA sample from the ghost of Shutter. It was a bit funny though when that guy walked out and you hear quite a number of "Ooohs!" from the people in the cinema. Now i know quite a lot of Bruneians do watch Heroes too. Haha.

I'd still stick with the original Thai version anytime. Shutter 2008, thumbs down for me. :(

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