Public annoucement!

In a few minutes time, someone will be celebrating his birthday but then again, the purpose of this post is not dedicated to him for his birthday because this my friends, is for a bigger and better cause.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, fans and friends (or just for the record, even secret admirers) of Mr. Friday Night, as a close friend of Frank (potential manager too haha!) i am very pleased AND proud to bring this news...

Our dearest Frank is not only another year older but...he's also in LOVE!

Meet Ms. Friday Night! :D
No, it's not his sister nor a fan. Taken on 15th March 2008.

Today on the 16th March 2008.

Identitly to be revealed soon! If you are eager, by all means go and bug the man himself. Hehe. Suspense hor?

Meanwhile...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you bro!

In Him


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