My Father

Haven't had much time to watch a full length movie lately especially with all the sitcoms airing back and stuffs...but thanks to the public holiday tomorrow (technically it's later...) i managed to watch this Korean movie i bought last two weeks ago starring Daniel Henney. I haven't heard much about this movie nor have i seen the preview or read any reviews but i only caught a short interview of Daniel Henny promoting his latest movie on KBS channel the other day...which somehow sub-consciously led me to buy this dvd while i was just randomly walking around the dvd store.

As much as i love the Korean culture, i haven't really been keen on it's dramas. The last drama i watched (which i enjoyed every episode of it) was of course the oh-so-famous Full House starring Rain and Sung Hye Kyo. Other than that i haven't been watching much Korean dramas. Even if i did, i didn't quite enjoy it cause like most of you guys would say, the Korean dramas have more or less the same storyline whenever it comes to love part. Dude falls in love, somehow either gets into a love triangle or they can't get together then either one of them must die. So yeah, if you wanna date a Korean, maybe you must somehow sacrifice your life to prove your love is for real or something then only she'll really love you...while you're dead. Haha!

Anyway, for "My Father" i'd say Daniel Henney really gave a heartfelt performance in this movie. The best part about this movie is his character in it makes it so easier for him as he is an American born Korean (in real life) where in this movie, he's adopted by an American family when he was 1 year old and after he grew up, he decided to look for his biological parents. Although he does speak both Korean and English fluently in real life, 90% of his character in this movie speaks English. I wouldn't say you'd cry throughout the show unless probably you understand the feeling of being adopted and the need to look for your biological parents or something but towards the ending of the movie, it did made me tear up a bit when he had to leave his father for good. I tell you, the lines that Koreans choose in their movies can really shoot your heart deep deep.

After the movie ended, i felt like it wasn't a bad movie but when the credits rolled and revealed that this was actually based on a real story, i'd give it two thumbs up.

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