Biker Mice from Mars

This afternoon, i had a short but funny conversation with my bro. He was complaining about how much he look like a 'tikus' (mouse) now. I didn't know what he was saying until he webcam-ed with me.


For those who don't know, bro actually shaved his head before undergoing chemotherapy as there will be side effect of hair loss and other stuffs when undergoing that treatment. So to spare himself the shock of major hair loss, he might as well loose 'em all first. But anyway, as bad as this may sound, i couldn't really help but laughed at him (thus his vulgarity) when i saw his face. Told him he looked somewhat like Mickey Mouse but he said there's already a Mickey Mouse among his group of friends. So instead, he claimed that he looked like one of the characters from...


Biker Mice from Mars...Hahahahaha!

In Him


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