Of rats and mice...

I've been rather busy for the past week. Or at least i felt like as if i've been busy. It's only 3 weeks in since mom and bro left and it somewhat felt like months already. Speaking of bro, he spent his birthday in Hong Kong with our relatives for the first time there. And he got 2 PSPs for his birthday present!

One thing i like about my relatives back in Hong Kong is they make us feel like we're re-living our childhood again especially my aunt. I remember back when i was young, she'd bring us around to get MacD's, get super cool toys to play with and she don't mind queueing hours just to get some Dragonball collection cards. Hmmm...who knows, maybe i should fly over for my birthday next month to 'celebrate' too. I could come back with a PS3 or something. Haha. But then again, i'm not a gamer so it's pretty pointless. I've also been staring at my PS2 for quite sometime...and i'm thinking of selling it off. I bought it last year just because of the freakin' DDR game. Right after i bought it, i grew bored of it. Oh well. Anyone plan to buy a PS2 console, please let me know.

I think David Archuleta might be this year's winner for American Idol. Kid's only 17 and he's fantastic. Even if he doesn't win, i'm sure he'll be coming out with an album after the competition. His rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine' was just crazy.

Major disappointment for me cause I was planning on a last minute trip to South Korea to catch Kang Ta's farewell concert (which explains why the sudden urge in buying a video camera on my last post. :P) but had to call it off as his concert tickets sold out approximately 5 minutes right after it's release. *sigh* Guess i'll need to wait for 2 more years after he's done with his military services.

Finally, Standard Chartered Bank has online banking services. Unlike HSBC or Baiduri Bank, their customers need not use that ugly little safety device thing. I'm happy cause i've been expecting this service ever since i found out how convenience Maybank's online services were during my stay back in KL. Not that i have a lot of money to carry out transaction with the whole online banking thing, but just thought it's pretty cool to admire your savings in your account every now and then when surfing the net. Haha.

Oh just thought i'd share this with you. Lately my office have this really funky smell going around and we suspected that there's been rats running and peeing around. So my super chinese accountant got one of my workers to set some mousetraps around the office and true enough the next day we caught ourselves a few rats. After that i couldn't be bothered with what happened to the rats. Few days later, the same thing happened. Funky smell but this time, additional bonus...little rat poos around here and there. Then this conversation occured;

Accountant: "I think there's still some rats running around the office. Just cleaned some poo off the conference table.."
Me: "A lot also. How come suddenly so many rats?"
Accountant: "Maybe they came back..?"
Me: "Came back? From holiday ah? "
Accountant: "The last time we caught the rats, i asked the workers not to kill it but to throw it at the back of our site there *points to the imaginary direction*."
Me: "Uh..why you wanna do that?"
Accountant: *smiles* "Hehe this year is the year of the rats...cannot harm them!"
Me: -_-"

I figured since she's the one cleaning up the mess most of the time, let her be lah. Who knows this year could be a prosperous year for our company.

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Nick Thien said…
David Achuleta didn't do so well this week. Hope he doesn't get kicked out for forgetting his lyrics...

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