Happy Birthday to...

My rakan tak sebaya but sebaya mentally yang ketinggalan di Singapura untuk membuat kopi-o and kopi-c peng. I hope that on this glorious day, you won't be making coffees or whipping cream (or doing whatever you're suppose to do) till the wee hours in the morning. That is sooo gonna suck big time but then again, i know you'd be enjoying your day regardless of what you're being told to do. It'd be really awkward if you've gotten goreng sotong already or if you've resigned. Haha. But yes, my muffin cheeks buddy you are another year OLD-er and I miss you oh-so-much. Soon again, we shall conquer Ikea ice-cream and be jobless around 1-Utama. Soon again we shall... (: Happy Birthday!

Also to you, the soon to be Dr. Tay in i don't know how many more years to come...but definitely soon. Hehe. It's been another quick year for you i suppose. A few more months and you'll be off farrr, farrrrr away. Remember that a lot of people are proud of what you've achieved so far and where you're going to be in life. I hope that this year will be a more fantastic year for you and hey, probably one day when you look back, maybe there's some things for you to smile about after all? But for now, don't forget you still owe me quite a number of checkups and discounts on doctor's fees next time...in Ripas. Hehe. Have a blessed 22nd birthday and keep smiling. Oh and yes, it's such a weird picture no? Haha.

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