Happy Birthday Frank!

All the acting, preparation and thinking got me really tired tonight but it was really worth it especially after seeing his classic "Ahhhhh!" reaction when the surprise took place. I mean really, it was the first time i've seen someone yelled with that one note for quite long when he gets caught by surprise. Add a bit of vibrato and you're probably good to go for American Idol buddy! Haha. Many thanks to those who responded on such short notice...what more on a Monday night.

In case you guys missed it, his age was announced live on national radio too. Nothing wrong with being 30 wah. It's just part of life. :)

Hope you did have fun celebrating your 30th birthday with us bro. Before this day end, again i wish you a blessed birthday. I'm sure this year would be a fantastic year for you. *coughs*

In Him


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