A really gross post...

Don't ask me what inspired me to post this one up but it's been going around in my head for quite sometime now. Might as well just get it over and done with.

Shit, crap or in a more scientific and polite term, faeces are something which you see almost everyday. Well, in my case i don't take a crap almost everyday (although some people say it is healthy to) so i don't see it everyday. Just thought i'd post this question.

Do you usually check what you crap out after you take a crap or do you just flush it away straight after crapping?

Ewww...bleughh...arggh....grosss! Yea, yea i know it is but this is what everyone goes through what. I mean, you crap, i crap, it stinks, let's talk. Haha! One thing i hate about sharing toilets is whenever someone craps right before you need to use it. The worst part is when you get no warning and you just walk in to a "naturalized aroma therapy room" and the smell of fresh excrement just rush up your nostrils. But then again, it's always more fun if you were the one who released the bomb.

I've always wondered why people always ask this question whenever they walked into a toilet after someone craps. I'm sure some of you have this habit too.

Walks to the toilet.
Turns the door knob, opens toilet door.
*sniffs air in the toilet*
"Fuyooh!! Who pangsai kan!? Sooo smelly....!!!"

My reply would always be; "Of course smelly what? You pangsai got perfume smell wan meh?" Maybe it's just human instinct to sniff around. I remembered Ches was saying about how people would always tend to sniff around after someone releases a fart gas and goes "Ewww...it stinks!" rather than just run away from it. Interesting eh?

On the other hand, it's always scary if something out of the ordinary happens. Yes, we're still talking about crap here. I remembered when i had my first hemorroids, my legs just went woobly upon seeing droplets of blood dancing around my crap. And it's usually those really solid hard craps that burns which makes you bleed from your arse. I call them "man period". Ever since i've had them, i've always watched what i eat. Sometimes i do tend to get a bit forgetful about 'nature's fury' and head for that extra spiciness in my meal. The consequences? Behold a man getting his period.

Recently i took a crap. This time it wasn't a hard one. When i took a glance at what i would usually expect to see, my heart skipped a bit. There it was. The 'blood'. Again, my legs became jelly-ish and my brain started working hard. While cleaning up i started thinking over and over again what rubbish did i eat too much this time? I became more scared when the thought of knowing that my crap this time was soft and the 'blood' seemed more than usual. Could it be some sickness? So i panicked. No, it couldn't be. It would usually be hard craps that causes man period but this time, it's not. How? Why? Plus, the thought of 'probably it's the hot weather' would usually assure me but this time it doesn't because i know i've been drinking a lot of water lately.

Then, a twinkle in my eye when i looked at my crap again. With a strong gush of water, i messed my crap up in the toilet bowl. The whole bowl now looked more red. Yes, red-der than usual. I smiled. Finally it all made sense. I remembered the last thing i ate the night before that caused all this hysteria in a toilet.


I've always loved eating dragon fruits. But that was the first time i ate the red fleshed one. I would usually have the normal white coloured fleshed with black seeds but since my mom bought the red one, i decided to try. And the outcome?

Bloody crap.

In Him


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