Happy Birthday Lorene!

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of my other 'young' friend. Yeap, it seems like most of the people i know who are celebrating their birthdays tend to get younger instead of older.


Happy Birthday Lorene Anne Fong a.k.a Ms. Fong a.k.a Lolin a.k.a Teacher Lolin a.k.a Wei Ying a.k.a ba_fly?! o_O

Thanks for all the encouragement and for putting up with most of my nonsense throughout the times of knowing me. I'm sure there's more to come. Hehe. You've always been a blessing and a great senior together with the other 'younger' people in YDM. Hope you'll have a great time celebrating your birthday and keep up with looking 18 all the time yes? As Uncle Ben would put it..."Bah, bila kahwin?" Bahahaha! *hugs*

In Him


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