Two weeks ago a group of us went out for a game of bowling nearby town. I've never been quite fond of the game as i'm not familiar with the rules / styles at all. I just bowl for the fun of it. What i know about this whole bowling thing is that you choose an appropriate bowling ball that suit your fingers, find one with an average weight for you to handle then roll the damn thing and try to get all the pins down without getting a disqualification by stepping over the line. Unlike golf, nobody has ever taught me anything about follow-through, posture-wise, etc.

But then again, that doesn't mean i'm not good at it. Haha. Not bragging that i'm so good at it either. What i'm trying to say is once you get the 'hang' of it or as most people would put it, start 'feeling' it (the game), whether you've ever fingered a bowling ball or not, you can actually get a few strikes here and there. The differences between you and a pro would only be how bunga ("flower") you want the ball to roll down the alley whether it curves around or not or how hard / loud the impact of the bowling ball and the pins can be (the louder the sound, the more 'keng' you'll feel cause you macho mah can roll so hard) and how sexy your finishing pose can be.

Speaking of the finishing poses, a few of us made an attempt to pose as pro as possible (note: attempt) after we've rolled our balls (doesn't sound right eh?) but unfortunately, i think none of us manage to pull it off. Either we don't have it or we, Asians have way too short legs to strike a sexy pose after we bowl. Haha.
This is how a professional does it. Very impressive.

I don't know why after you bowl you must cross one of your leg like that anyway. Doesn't look comfortable at all. Probably girls dig seeing the butt angle-ing to one side and all that but still, it just don't look comfortable at all.
This is the outcome when yours truly does it. Still quite impressive no?

Bowling. Definitely not my thing.

In Him


Anonymous said…
hahah ron.. it's like the mirror image :) haha :)

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