Looking back, i just realized it's been a good number of years since i've started my first blog. No, kangta164 isn't my first blog. I've got a few way back before this one. It was under ujournal which is no longer alive anymore. If not mistaken it was way back in Form 4, greatly influenced by my so called 'bff'. After that i moved on to Blogger which is this one but ended up deleting the whole blog after few months of updating it because back then Livejournal was the 'in' thing and you can't just sign up for free and blog away just like that. No, they had to 'jual mahal'. The only way you can get a blog with Livejournal back then was if someone who's already on Livejournal has a free invite for you. Then only you can sign up. Otherwise, you're not 'cool' enough to be part of the whole blogging phenomena.

I couldn't quite recall how i managed to get one but i did eventually and blogged there. It's still alive but i just hardly update that one anymore since i've got this blog now. And for some reason, having multiple blogs back then was also the 'in' thing too. Kinda funny when you think back now and remember some people having 2 - 3 blogs and it's either all of them have the same entries or it's like the author have thousand of alter egos that need thousand of blogs.

From Livejournal, i hopped on to some MTV Asia blog back in KL. Halfway through, i've decided to call it quits cause it's way too Malaysian for me to handle and restarted a blog with Blogger again. The only thing i've only managed to maintain throughout the whole moving of blogs to blogs was the username of kangta164.

I've always enjoyed blogging despite knowing that some of my entries are purely crappy...literally! Back when i started blogging, it was mostly about what i ate for lunch, who's a bitch/who's not and what i did in Yayasan today after escaping extra classes sort of entries. After outgrewing that stage of blogging, i've decided to blog more decently (or at least i think it is) about certain issues and what i personally think about that. Otherwise, i'd be finding something 'inspirational' to blog about which also explains why i don't usually update on a daily basis. Just so you know, I have a life and it does not revolve only around bloging. Haha.

So, why am i talking about blogs for this entry? I just thought this could be a more nicer way to introduce a few new bloggers rather than just throwing their url here and leave you (my dear readers) hanging. So, in case you hardly notice the updates my "Links" section on the right hand side of your screen, there are a few new names you might have missed. Let the fun begin!

*Click on their pictures to visit their new blogs*

Teck's Blog
Decided to blog all the way from London, we have good ol' Mr.sarcasTeck! Although he did mention about losing the sarcasm part. :)

Stephen's Blog
After much contemplation, look who has decided to preach it to another level? Preach it brotha! :P

Ben's Blog
And he said he wouldn't conform to being one of 'us'. Not so slicky after all...

Welcome to the blogging world buddies. If only there's a way to 'roti canai' you guys through blogs. Have fun experiencing how to blog now and don't let the spam messages get to you. :P

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