It's like walking into a lion's den...

I'm beginning to get scared of the whole banking system in Brunei. It's like no matter whose shoes you're in, you're bound to be in a losing situation. For example, if you're a bank teller and there's a long queue in front of you, you'll feel pressured while working (at least that's how i'll feel if i'm really working as a bank teller but judging from the pace of Brunei's bank tellers, i don't think they sense any pressure at all even if the queue is from Temburong all the way to Kuala Belait!) what more if in that queue there are some bank customers who act like as if they own the bank despite having a mere $50.00 in their bank account. You know there's definitely gonna be a drama bigger than the Titanic once those type of customers reach your counter.

However, if you're a normal bank customer queuing in that long stretch of line, you'll also feel equally annoyed looking at the "efficiency" of the bank tellers and the 'world class services' they're offering. Of course if i were to place myself in that situation, i'll whine and complain about their services like hell but not bring the matter up much since frankly speaking, Brunei do not really prioritize customer satisfaction anyway or in much harsher words, i do not have the money to have some branch manager attend to my dissatisfaction.

But what if, you're a priority banker / prestige banker / premier banker at the bank? Green light all the way for you eh? Not really...

I for once, am lucky enough to enjoy such privilege by the bank i open accounts with. And because i'm given the privilege, i take pride in utilizing it...well, at least i do so until recently. You see, I’m quite particular when it comes to service ever since I picked up hospitality. How efficient their services are, how their tone sound like when they talk to me, how’s their expression when I bring up certain matters and so on. I have to say not all banks in Brunei qualify to have a certain ‘warm’ hospitality standard.

With exception to a few tellers that i know in the bank I have accounts with, I’m quite pleased with how they usually meet my requirements. I have the privilege to avoid long queues during peak periods which sort of makes you feel like you’re a V.I.P driving around freely when the whole of Brunei is stuck in a jam. Anyway, two days ago I didn’t quite have that proud feeling when my usual teller gave me an excellent service because I was given the green light ahead of 20 or so queuing customers first during a peak hour which is of course one of the advantages. But on the other side, not a really good privilege to use if there’s only 1 teller available catering to everyone’s banking needs.

While walking out after completing my transactions, what used to seem like 20 banking customers queuing then, suddenly transformed to 20 pissed off tigers staring at me waiting to eat me up. Not qute a nice feeling at all but it's definitely one easy way to tick ignorant people off. Yes, despite having the privilege, it seems like you're also in the wrong for utilizing it. Talk about innovative banking.

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