One thing i miss having around in Brunei is a good concert despite having the oppurtunity to attend only 3 concerts in Brunei i.e. Michael Jackson's History Tour Concert, Westlife's World Tour and A1's Concert. The one that stood out for me then, would definitely be Westlife's concert cause back then, they were pretty much at the top of the music industry not long after their debut. Plus, it was my first concert that my dad gave me money and approval to go attend the concert. As far as i know, here are a list of international artists that have ever peformed in Brunei.

-Michael Jackson
-Whitney Houston
-Stevie Wonder
-The Moffatts

Ever since after 2002 or so, there hasn't been much great large scales international concerts going on. It's always been either some Indonesian rock groups / artists or some Akademi Fantasia people.

This is pretty much a random rant from me because i was browsing around Brunei Times few days ago and saw pretty much a good number of advertisements of international artists heading to Kuala Lumpur for a concert. Obviously the one that's being advertised over and over again on television would Whitney Houston's comeback with Elliott Yammin and Shaggy as her opening act. I'm not a fan of either one of them so no biggie for me but what's bothering me is the fact that our local newspapers are advertising concerts of international artists performing not here but rather in our neighbouring country. Come to think about it, we're like Malaysia's wasteland for music talent. They bring in international artists from all over the world to entertain them and then spit out their local talents like Mawi to entertain us.

That's just....sad.

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Nick Thien said…
You missed out Ronan Keating and a few Asian singers... I know of Ronan Keating cause that's the only concert I've been to.
kangta164 said…
I couldn't remember if Ronan Keating came...haha! But his name kept popping in my head when i typed this out. I thought it was in KL or something. As far as Asian artists, i didn't wanna list them. Haha....i only know Jacky Cheung, Pin Guan, B.A.D, Sunday Girls or something like that.

Other than that i don't know liau. Hehe. Ronan Keating...hmm...funny how i can't remember much advertisement on that guy's concert around.
Anonymous said…
YEah, i went to Ronan Keating's concert last time in JP. Initially i didnt want to attend till my cuz gave me 2 free tickets. So me n a fren went. It was ok at 1st but when the song 'when u say nothing at all' went, we really enjoyed it, sang along and, there.. at the end of the day, we really had great fun.

DaiSY mwah..
kangta164 said…
Hey Daisy Mwah...

Thanks for sharing your experience. Come to think about it, if i'm not mistaken i think i was in KL during Ronan Keating's concert. Hehe...i still remember the hype in Westlife's concert where there were rumours saying Ronan Keating was around too just because he was the manager for Westlife then.

Thanks for dropping by! :)

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