30 Days of Night

I remember some few posts back, I did mention about how dull and predictable horror movies are getting especially if it’s a new one. What more with this type of genre, both the trailer and the poster can easily deceive you into watching what you once thought could be a cool movie into a boring movie. Lately, it seem like directors tend to focus more on how to make trailers and posters much more appealing to cheat the audiences into watching a movie rather than to make a good movie for viewers to enjoy.

As I was saying about how dull and predictable horror movies can get, I got the same sort of expectation when director David Slade released "30 Days of Night". The only thing that stood out for this one was how the vampires were being portrayed in the movie. For the past few vampire-ish movies I’ve watched, somehow they (the vampires) either seemed too fake or just plain weird. But the ones in this movie just got my attention when i saw the poster and the trailer thanks to their shark-like fangs they had on and how distorted their faces look. Seriously, most of the vampires in that movie looked like they've been face warped.

Storyline wise I’d say it's just okay. I’ve never read the graphic novel so I don’t really know how the prequel goes but coming from a viewer that’s never heard of this movie nor the novel, I’d give "30 Days of Night" two thumbs up for it’s thrilling and suspenseful effects with their rather disturbing vampire's language, squeals and howls...though at certain part of the movie, their squealing might get a bit annoying for you. If you’re a fan of horror flicks, this definitely wouldn’t be a waste of money and time for you plus, it’ll be an extra bonus for you if you’re also into gore and blood. A bit of precaution though because there are certain parts in this movie where it tend to get a wee bit graphic (not so sure if it’s the one showing here has already been censored or that’s exactly how the original scene went) but if seeing a lot of blood and body parts make you debilitate, then this wouldn’t exactly be the movie you might want to watch. Oh, oh...and if you're Stephen Chin, just go watch Bee Movie or something. Haha!

As far as Josh Hartnett’s role in this movie went, the only movie I’ve ever enjoyed watching him acted in was Pearl Harbor. I guess his character in this horror flick wasn’t so bad for him though towards the ending, it’d probably make you go like "Gosh, this is sooo Josh Hartnett's ending!". But i'm happy with this movie because i personally feel it's been a while since i've enjoyed watching something so thrilling. Most of the time i'd be bored halfway through or the whole thing just gets so predictable that it seems as though you're the director of the movie. Just beware that if you do watch it at a late night show in your local cinema, you might get 'vampires inspired viewers' squealing, howling and hissing around you after the whole thing ends. But what they don't really know is how retarded and stupid they look when they do it.

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