Bowling...Part 2!

Just a short 'continuation' on my previous bowling post. Just now, SAC held a CG bowling competition at Utama Bowling. Decided to join my CG team for the competition and surprisingly, for a bunch of noobs in this game, i wouldn't say we bowled badly.

Meet the "20 something" bowlers...

Well, we didn't exactly win anything although i really did think our cheers were somewhat louder than the rest. After all, we do have Stephen on the team what? Haha. Kidding bro! Had a great game, great fun and great competition definitely. " TWENTY SOMETHING!! *claps* *claps* *claps* *claps* "

Last but not least, another good reason why Ron wouldn't make it to the pros for this sport.

I could've swore that ball was gonna take down all the remaining pins. Ended up with hitting that one pin only. -_-"

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