I also have class...

Okay, i haven't quite gotten over the fact that "some" bank uses really catchy motto and phrases. By far the worst one would be;

"Every single day we provide world class services to you..."

Guess what? I accidentally made a bank teller from a local bank that uses the above mentioned motto muttered "F$#K!" under her breath right in front of me. Now THAT'S world class service for you right there babeh!

Wanna give it a try? Here's how...

Tip: Do it when you have different cheques to bank in to the same account. Preferably 4 or 5, fill them up accordingly in their deposit slips. Here's the trick part. Arrange them accordingly to the cheque numbers written on the deposit slips but mess 2 cheques up and put them say around the middle. Queue for an approximate 30 minutes and tadaa~

Let's see what other world class services they have to offer next.

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